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 NOTE: Government commissioned campaign to SILENCE aitrui Katherine R McCall's Physics, include CRUSH LIFE ABILITY TO GO FORWARD

Critical FOR ANY HUMAN SPECIES FUTURE - Vital Knowledge from aitrui Katherine R. McCall

Never in History has Mankind been met with such Enormous Awakening Knowledge <> 1943 <<>> 2015 <>

"Truth Of Existence" explained “Wave Mechanics Physics” <<>> Universe Structure & Substance, UNDERSTANDING are it's Manipulations

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<> USA Election year of 2016, begins with Despair & Optimism <>

<> Let us PERSONALLY make Today-Forward OUR Personal Intellect-skills <>



Let Us Regain each of our individual's DIGNITY - Inspired Pride of "USA-Nation"


Each moment our "INTEGRITY" To Seek self-Reflection "Future"

Human Species CRISIS IMPORTANCE "Functionality Ability CIVILIZATION-Focus"

LEADERSHIP'S must become Active-FOCUS-Decisions NOT Based on Profiteering

one's REAL-Soul & is-Expressive of Personal Character

.. ..

<> WE USA as "Nation" - Which form our Historic Base, IS Personal self-Identity's <>

<> Regain Ourselves Under Current USA-Constitution - For-By-Of its People's <>


<> aitrui Katherine R McCall Human, Life-MISSION Critical Future of EARTH <>

aitrui Katherine R McCall not philosophies & parables, IS FINAL for Human-Future

Created & channeled by "God Our Father" being part of the seven levels of Existence

"God Our Father" CREATED "Intelligence" - Importance MUST maintain Existence

IT'S NOT ABOUT aitrui Katherine R McCall - IT'S ABOUT Human active CHOICES

Life long; directed-CHOICES: Must ask-for, DESIRE, be active Civilization's-FOCUS

FAILURES: Leadership's built Fabric-weave Base Decisions on Profiteering Self interests, exclude Civilization

FAILURES: Lacking & have -stymied-FOCUS on Civilization Ability to Function -Dream -Build -Advance

FAILURES: Global Religions, Hostility-Darkened theft SANCTITY of People's - Hampered intelligence growth

FAILURES: Assumed Technologies today preserved, REJECT enormous "Truth of Existence" advancements

FAILURES: PLANET Populations inflamed HOSTILITIES DARKEN SANCTITY, Failed Knowledge choices



Gods of each of Seven Levels - Created countless different intelligence-Species; mostly in Dark-Energy; Mass-matter

Gods of each of Seven Levels have Sanctioned "Filter of Human Species has DARKENED" Extinction follows

Gods of each of Seven Levels have Sanctioned - ALTERNATIVE, Human Earth Managed, Loose Self-Destiny

NOTEWORTHY: aitrui Katherine R McCall, Gifts THE WAY - Has Solutions & Knowledge needed


UNDERSTANDING - Knowledge just another direction Perspective of "Physics-base" interaction of living Universe Structure & Substance

<> Applied "Wave Mechanics Physics" - "Truth of Existence" <> <> "God Our Father" IS our LIVING EXISTENCE WHOLE - We are part <>

<>>> Knowledge of "Truth of Existence" & Intelligence-FRAME Intellect-skills, are ITS manipulations <<<>


aitrui Katherine R McCall "Wave Mechanics Physics";

The ONLY Owner, Source, Author, Originator, Writer

Many Impersonators & Impressionists DARKEN THE SANCTITY of Human Species Condition's

CAUTION aitrui Katherine R McCall WORKS ARE BEING PLAGIARIZED & Falsified

and falsely impersonated, I have caution these impersonators perceptions are FALSE & MISLEADING


Katherine R McCall age72 Heritage Born USA-American, and FOR THE USA as a "National identity"

ALL its People's U.S.A.- FIRST

Political contenders for Elected Offices, should realize their personal integrity, QUESTIONABLE when self-purpose Deceits-Lies Political-Rhetoric become fixations

"2016 elect a President of TRUE Integrity"-Leadership Forging beyond Opinions, exclude given Politically indoctrinated - REALIZE WHO IS FOR THE "USA-as our Nation" FIRST


Never in History

has Mankind Earth been Met with such

Enormous Awakening Knowledge

Solutions....@aitrui Katherine R. McCall

aitrui Katherine R McCall alone Living Sacrifice Trying to Reclaim your Future & Existence

aitrui Katherine R McCall HAD Deeply desired to spirit planet Earth USA Nation into Dynamic Future, which are ALL SOLUTIONS - But inflicted  severs any ability - GIFTING SHALL NOT BE TO WHO INFLICT - TREASONOUS ACTS DENYING USA FUTURE DESTINY

 Serious Federal Agencies specialty became criminalized, Fraudulently with Falsifications Assassinating Character & Dignity of aitrui Executive Office Commissioned Special Agent & Staff - MISSION SILENCE Physics Katherine R McCall's and CRUSH LIFE ABILITY

My Intellect skills are "Wave Mechanics Physics" concerning Universe Structure and Substance, knowledge of which are it's manipulations - Very New Technologies, Free Energy, Space (Nether Rockets’ or Fuels), put every person to work, STOP Global Warming, Droughts and sever Weather; an exciting REAL IMMEDIATE Future beyond dreams of possibility I CAN DELIVER.

<<>> 16 yr Direct Space Programs Was Direct Team Member (Engineering Electro / Mechanical Design, innovative New-technologies discover and applied SPACE packaging) on FIRSTS [designs included last 1,000 years in space environment]: Polaris Submarine Fire-Control System, Satellites, Several Moon, 2-Mars "Vikings", 2-Venus fly-by's, 2-Planetary "Pioneers", FIRST hand built Integrated Circuits, Missiles, later include Primary Liaison missions, Aircraft-Carrier flight "Module-Test-Systems", form new applied Technologies, more....
Physics-skills Seek-Collaboration, just another Perspectives formulate $$$ Prestige; "Wave Mechanics Physics" UNITY Coherence within "Universe Structure Substance"; aitrui Katherine R McCall ONLY -Source -Originator -Owner -Author
<<>> Demand Katherine R McCall the only source (coined aitrui Domain Name) share specialty Intellect-skills in "Wave Mechanics Physics" Universe Structure & Substances; Knowledge of are it's manipulations <<>>
Go-To: aitrui.com <<>> Background of current work to build an enormous exciting FUTURE for all USA, New Technologies & Knowledge to build and realize the exciting scope. NEED CASH-FLOW for fuel and meeting-space rentals to speaking Tour, to Corporation's & University's; currently locked into NO ABILITY TO GO FORWARD, DO TO LACKING CASH FLOW.

.. INTERNET COMMENTS <>>> INSANITY!, CRAZY!, No person could know?! <<<> "Truth of Existence" being each part of seven Levels




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Donations (aitrui is Not a Charity) Donation would be to an individual person Katherine R. McCall aitrui ONLY Source author, FOR:

aitrui Katherine R. McCall Poverty, lives on Fast-food dollar menus, also COSTLY for Katherine to GIFT aitrui Web-site for Your Free Use

Donation assist Personal Expenses & importantly Funding Pursuits to >>Dream >>>Build >>>Advance^^^^ aitrui Knowledge for Humanity New Future

aitrui Katherine R. McCall is NOT associated with any other person, THE ONLY TRUE SOURCE ability to advance Earth's Future;


Active Intelligence USE <>DESIRE<><><><><><><>DESIRE<> Active Intellect-Skills growth

Link Go-To: aitrui Web-site >>>  aitrui [1-aM1 Index-MENUS] Universe applied Physics <> 05-25-2015 <> MENU-INDEX most removed do to inflictions

Globally effective We can each become ROLE-MODELS, innovators - >>>Achievements^^^^ - Honor, Respect, DIGNITY as USA-National Peoples;

Future EXPANDED Beyond  "JFK - "We Must"


USA Nation & Military Chief LEADERSHIP, foundation Self-Confidence Stability >>>Achievements^^^^ Focus our FUTURE - inherent are it's Peoples


aitrui work in Cold-war era, Leaders personally independently reasoned - grasped offered perspectives, found their solutions; and responded with implementation


THINK BEYOND "Impossible" of our purported SMARTNESS’ OF QUOTATIONS, Procrastinations

"experts of quotations" (Lost ability of constructive Intelligence Reasoning);

Intelligence is SELF-Awareness, often through QUESTIONING - SEEKING differing perspectives;

Intellect-skills growth manifest grasped DESIRE & Focus perspective's Leadership


"In God We Trust" Active Intelligence USE <>DESIRE<><*><><@><><*><> DESIRE <> Active Intellect-Skills growth “Consciousnesses”


<>> NOTE aitrui.com Web-site: "aitrui Katherine R McCall" proven "Alpha" realistic immediate SOLUTIONS for People's Living Crises

Include building National Pride, Stability, Future beyond dreams of possibility & National Dignity restored Honor - Respect - Role*Models


 "Where do YOU Envision USA NATION Future - Advancements^^^^"? Exclude Political Rhetoric, Media issues of day? Define Future

- Today Agencies expand <>Living Sacrifice<> Impinge anomalies that differ from Peer impressions -


Intelligence structure is an "Individual personal Self-Awareness, I-Am=That-I-Am" consequence of that Personal Awareness becomes falsely subjective to Personal-self-Deliverance, acquitting from awareness source “GOD Our Father” - Failures arise in personal Intellect-skills brought into egocentric growths are stagnations - put-on-angry-face Hostilities - galactic irrelevancy , consequence find inevitable "Omega"

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: for Stopping Global Warming (Not Carbon) - SERIOUS Leadership Must-Redefine itself FOCUS ON CIVILIZATION, "Not self-Profits"
Planet Earth life has less than 100 years, life will become extinct; already Global Warming escalations destroying Life & Properties - HEAT will barren planet;  Solution SHADE PLANET see process;

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Easy WATER from Oceans - Ten thousand gal / min, systematic extractions To-Pure-Elements >> H2O; enormous "PROFITS" PAY FOR SYSTEM & More;


aitrui has easy SOLUTION: National $$$ Financial Stability $$$ (change Standard from Gold-substance to GDP-productivity) No Taxes, Grater available Budget, elimination of National Debt

<<>> Financial National Debt & Budget SOLUTION; change Stability Gold-Valuation “Substance” Standard >> TO >> GDP “Productivity” Standard; FORCED GDP standard consequence Builds USA-Develops “PRODUCTIVITY”, and virtually eliminates all Debt, and need for “Taxes”; Budget becomes Certified Financial Stability (Authorize MONEY printing) percent of GDP,

Productivity GDP A REALITY OF WORLD Stability-VALUATIONS & ASSETS; which doesn’t extract any FICTITIOUS Stability-VALUATIONS UNDER Gold-substance from economy;


aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Star ship craft include gravity, could become reality in only a year; five propulsion's (No Fuel No Rockets) Space travel easy at multi-light speeds

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Trident class submarine (No physical propulsion system, No Wake, No Sound) speeds over 100knots under water & any depth; knowledge what Drag & Pressure IS;

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Large Military Base-Never-Lands (NOT A PLATFORM), SPACE CAPABLE (Nether Engines or Fuel propulsion's, is Gravity-wave based; never capable of crashing); land largest of aircraft at any altitude Not quite the antiquated Craft Star-Trek proportions; however enormously more advanced, could begin within just a year;

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: "Atomic Warp Engine" not an engine - Energy development, 16 foot diameter generates more energy than an Atomic Energy Plant

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Free Energy DIRECT Electrical from Planet (Electric Motor , No Battery or Fuel); ANOTHER of Nicola Tesla, Disk Turbine 300mpg developed up to 5,000hp

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Mass Crystal "H5 molecules" Rectangle Power-Device - Eliminates Batteries, applied Load-levels produce relative currents electrical power; no heat


aitrui has easy SOLUTION: Easy Manipulation of ANY Atom BONDING-Phasing, which build ANY Atoms shell & sub-shells, to include Molecular bonding structures;

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: 100% Health, ABILITY EASY Manipulation of BOND PHASING within any Atoms, which building Molecules, Materials & Life Cures,  no evasive procedures;

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: National Health Care, which would require very little taxpayer’s funding. Systems NETWORK of CARE which are self-paying, Doctors controlled-as-to-skill income remain incentives to become Doctors, and a Network system of HEALTH Care $ Self-Funded $ <-Four Tier System->>> that guides every person into their “frame of mind” for health;

<-01->>> Preventative Medicine services [facilities may be connected, however separated]
<-02->>> General Person's care services & Health care Clinic [facilities may be connected, however separated]
<-03->>> Main Major acute care Hospital [facilities may be connected, however separated]
<-04->>> Extended & Catastrophic Rehabilitation's <&> Senior care Residences [Nonprofit Quality Care]

aitrui has easy SOLUTION: National Mobile Network, system in file (1,000 + mph TUBE Field-phased-Propulsion vehicle; No Rail No Air-Moves) electrical Energy from Planet

 -aitrui Introduction-<> “National MOBILITY System Network” <> Transportation ability, Live anywhere & Work anywhere in USA <

.... Millions of JOBS Build "National Mobility System Network", 6X-more spin-offs; thousands NEW & Expanded Businesses; FUEL independence; $$$ Record Stocks ....
.... <>>> Employ the whole Nation <> Mobility System place FLEXIBILITY for EVERY person, ability to LIVE &/or Work anywhere <<<> ....

-M-<<>>> Construction OVERVIEW: MOBILITY SYSTEM incorporates <> Special Separate Railways <> Roadways <> Facility HUBS <>
-M-<<>>> Facility HUBS: A Facility HUB that incorporates RAIL & Roadway PLATFORMS, Shopping Malls, Libraries, Hotels-resting, Meetings, Whole Community within system Network
-M-<<>>> RAIL UNITS Flexibility, MAINTAINED at Facility HUBS; instant Unit change outs for volume flows
-M-<<>>> Personal Payment Key <> Special MOBILITY Special Keyed Flash-style Credit Card; SECURITY know location of every person within system network, smooth travel protocols
-M-<<>>> UNITS Auto Industry RAIL Roadway Flexibility, and Special Separate Design Layout of NEW Rail System; SPEED TUBE, airliner type cabin (Nether Ralls, Tube-Air does not-move)
-M-.... First <<>>> UNITS DESIGN <> Transport Cars, both Rail & Roadway versions; HIGH SPEED 1,000+mph (No Cabin or Tube structure Vibrations, in Field Flex Pulse Phasing flows)
-M-.... PROPULSION ENGINE, First Choice would be to use a turbine, Dr Nikola Tesla's developed 100 years ago "Disk Turbine"
-M-.... National Mobility System Details <<>>> SUMMATION REVIEW .... Go-To: aitrui presentation
.... Millions of JOBS Build "National Mobility System Network", 6X-more spin-offs; thousands NEW & Expanded Businesses; FUEL independence;
$$$ Record Stocks ....



I am - That I am .... Reason YOU exist, is that YOU personally DO EXIST - Intelligence USE Choice is personal

<<*^*>> Universe "Consciousnesses" all connected <<*^*>>

aitrui Coined Domain Name <> Meaning <> It’s about “YOU” Personally, inspired for “Truth Of Existence” LIFE-Living <>
Good Morning: 1979 Symbolic
“ aitrui ” meaning:
“ a ” singular, means you as “ I ”- YOUR OWN “ tru ” presence here
with an
“ I ” objective mine as "YOU"
Possessive intensive reflexive first personal singular pronoun
“YOU” YOURSELF AS “ a-i-tru-i ”
>Dream >>Build >>>Advance^^^^ KEY, each “YOU” makes Each individual, which collectively forms Civilization, Whole function are part of "God Our Father"
aitrui Logo Graphic <> Meaning <>
Support Column Pilasters
Are Civilizations History
Built upon an inquisitive parallel Knowledge Base Footing
Topped with Head Capital laid stone
are our tablets of Technologies Knowledge
Planet Earth background coming forward as - Our – Known – Unite Vessel -
Exhibit man’s fragile home & how infinitesimal we are
Our "Intelligence - Intellect-skills" Future Expands into the Limitless Universe
Today fact at hand
“Alpha” aitrui Katherine R McCall offering drink
Overlaid the frequency of it all too our own communities
Offering as a Waiter-Brings “DIVERSIFIED” Drink of ourselves ….
>Dream >>Build >>>Advance^^^^ KEY, each “YOU” makes Each individual, collectively form Civilization, Whole function are part of "God Our Father"
**** And much more ****

*** CHOICES: Granting just a moment shared in meeting, would deliver a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE, $$$ Profits & Prestige ***




Link Go-To: aitrui Web-site MENU-INDEX most removed do to inflictions >>>  aitrui [1-aM1 Index-MENUS] Universe applied Physics <> 05-25-2015 <>



Critical FOR ANY HUMAN SPECIES FUTURE - Vital Knowledge from aitrui Katherine R. McCall

Never in History has Mankind been met with such Enormous Awakening Knowledge <> 1943 <<>> 2015 <>

"Truth Of Existence" explained “Wave Mechanics Physics” <<>> Universe Structure & Substance, UNDERSTANDING are it's Manipulations


Critical FOR ANY HUMAN SPECIES FUTURE - Vital Knowledge from aitrui Katherine R. McCall

Never in History has Mankind been met with such Enormous Awakening Knowledge <> 1943 <<>> 2015 <>

"Truth Of Existence" explained “Wave Mechanics Physics” <<>> Universe Structure & Substance, UNDERSTANDING are it's Manipulations